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We are gaining a reputation for fixing the difficult Electronic and wiring issues. 
Stephen White emailed :

I was up at the NEC show yesterday (Oct 2015) and was chatting on the MCEA Motorhome & Caravan Engineers Association stand about my issues and one guy suggested "you should take the Motorhome to North Wales, there is a guy up there that is very good". 

It seems you are becoming a legend!

To get praise from customers is good, to be highly rated by other Engineers is praise we like a lot. 

Atlantic Motorhome is one of the largest repairers and sellers of Continental and UK Battery Charger/Power units in the UK from Schaudt, Toptron, Calira, Reich, Arsilicii, Nordelettronica, Bailey, Plug In Systems, Sargent, etc.


 Citroen HY van Specialists : Repairs, Restorations and Parts. Click HERE for more details on all things Citroen H Van. 

Motorhome Servicing from £75 plus parts.

Caravan Servicing from £110.


Citren H van Restoration and Conversion to Campers or Catering vans. 

This is the latest van for which we have supplied a new Ford Engine Transplant. The Wheeler Dealer TV show. 

It was very highly rated, "Work of Art", said Mike Brewer. "Transformed the Van", said Ed China. 

Outside our workshop (see sign top left) about to go back to the studio for more filming. 


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Karan's Camper is up for sale at a bargain £21,999. This is a fully restored van fitted out as a Camper Van

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